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Get your songs here – each artist has made a fantastic contribution and you’ll love every one of them:

(By popular request, you can now download the entire project in one go):

  Thick Custard » 90.6 MiB
All 12 tracks in one ZIP file

Grab the songs here:

  01. The Way It Is » 10.8 MiB
produced/guitars by Jules Drucker
mixed by Jett Galindo

  02. Valley Road » 5.9 MiB
performed by Rebecca Harkin
courtesy of Busty Music Ltd.

  03. Black Rats of London » 7.8 MiB
performed by Dave Rich

  04. Every Little Kiss » 5.3 MiB
performed by Ben Cameron
featuring Joe Pisapia and Joe Costa

  05. Barren Ground » 8.0 MiB
performed by George Marinelli
(on everything)

  06. Shadow Hand » 4.2 MiB
performed by Megan Metcalfe
accompanied by Robbie Steininger

  07. Spirit Climbing » 7.4 MiB
performed by John D. Beck
and his band ToHuBoHu

  08. Fortunate Son » 10.4 MiB
performed by Seth Campbell
recorded and produced by Chris Plante

  09. Pastures of Plenty » 7.9 MiB
performed by Elaine Cronin
recorded by Jules Leon at Easy Street Studio, Simi Valley, CA
drums: Vicken Hovsepia

  10. Nobody There But Me » 7.5 MiB
performed, produced, recorded and
directed by Richard Hart

  11. Mandolin Rain » 6.3 MiB
performed by Quartier Francais:
Hervé Parent, Flory Parent, Dominique Guillot,
Christian Poublang and Kordian Heretynski.

  12. The Way It Is (live) » 9.8 MiB
performed by the Hegg Brothers
at the Havana Garage, Omaha, NE.