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Dave Rich


Dave Rich

Dave is a veteran of these projects (this is his fourth contribution), and as usual he was the first to volunteer and the first to contribute a track.

Dave is a fellow Brit and tours with his band, regularly playing festivals. His guitar, pianos and vocals rightly mark him as one of the best musical acts in the West Country.

A review of his first record from the Classic Rock Society draws comparisons which should strike a chord with you:

This debut album for the Dave Rich Band shows them to be a very talented bunch of musicians, not afraid to lead with acoustic guitar or piano, and who draw on a variety of influences from the blues of Clapton, the scope of Floyd and the jamming of Bruce Hornsby.


There’s more than a little Sting influence too, which is what most comes to mind whilst listening: a kind of souped up Sting.The tracks are very well written, almost crafted, and there lies the strength of the unit. Build on that and with a favourable wind, who knows what could happen. One to watch out for I think.

Dave is a regular contributor to Bruuuce.com and well known amongst the Hornsby community.

You can grab his raucous version of Black Rats of London from the downloads page.

Follow more of Dave on www.daverichband.com.